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                                                   CARING FOR YOUR JEWELRY

Our jewelry is made with quality metals including Jewelers Brass, Bronze, Sterling Silver, 14k.Gold and Gold Fill

We do not use any base or plated metals

Brass and Silver naturally oxidize and change color with time and wear

To slow the patina process, keep jewelry clean and dry and store with care

To bring back shine, clean your piece with a toothbrush and a combo of warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar

You can also purchase a Sunshine Polishing Cloth online HERE

If you have any questions or need a repair please email us at [email protected]



Repairs due to jewelry malfunction will be complementary within a year  

A fee will be charged for other repairs and replacements

Remember to wear rubber backings on your hooks or give them a squeeze when wearing scarves and being adventurous:)